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Do you want to appear on the front page of google?

If you do then look no further. Here at way up SEO Glasgow I specialise in helping businesses big and small compete online. Based in Glasgow I provide SEO services throughout the whole of the UK. This includes all aspects of SEO from content strategies to link building.

  • We are an experienced small team ranking businesses on google for a living day in day out.
  • Being a small business in glasgow ourselves with lower overheads than larger agencies we provide great value for money with the same or a higher quality of service.
  • Our strategies will not only help you make money but also save money.

To get help with your SEO call our Glasgow based SEO consultant on 01413780881 

Free SEO Analysis

One of the the first steps of any SEO strategy is a thorough audit of your website and current marketing. We do our SEO audit research by hand using a variety of different tools and techniques so an actual person can appraise your business SEO and call you with real actionable advice.

This is better than a lot of computer generated systems which can miss key SEO ranking factors.

So go on.

Fill it in and press submit!

Way Up SEO Glasgow

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a broad and varied field covering all aspects of your online presence. Whether your a local Glasgow business or a multinational company you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunities presented by search engines. Our SEO strategies can help you gain a high-ranking placement in search results as well as a better conversion rate

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Way Up SEO Glasgow

SEO Content Strategy

The gold that websites are made of. Remember every word in your website is valuable and the combinations of these words is even more so. Combine this with catchy graphics and video and you can help turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts.

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Way Up SEO Glasgow

Local SEO

If you’re a local business in Glasgow looking to maximize your presence on search engine pages organically and in google maps then we are also the local company who can get you there! Our prices are not plucked from the air and we aim to give you the best value for money we can with affordable prices. We can help you take your website from a liability and turn it into an asset.

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Way Up SEO Glasgow

Web Design

Our services cover all major aspects of excellent web design, from initial setup to training, and custom features. We make simple information websites to e-commerce websites selling all kinds of products and services.

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Way Up SEO Glasgow

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram are all websites with massive customer bases in Glasgow and worldwide which few companies would want to ignore. Here knowledge of the platform interface coupled with social tactics and unique content generation can help you get a leg up on the competition. Talk to us about your goals and see how we can help you generate £££’s.

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Way Up SEO Glasgow

SEO/Digital Marketing Consultancy

In some cases you may be looking for someone with broad experience ranking sites and generating revenue through all sorts of online means to advise you on how best to market your business. We can assist in making a digital marketing plan which -executed correctly- can allow you to dominate your markets.

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Looking for SEO services in Glasgow then you’ve come to the right place

Here at Way Up SEO Glasgow I specialise in all aspects of search engine optimisation from content marketing, local listing optimisation, online reputation management, backlink campaign management and much more.

I am based in Glasgow but work with clients all over the UK. With me and my small team you get a tailor made SEO plan with perfect executional experience to help you rank for your chosen keywords in your niche be it in Glasgow or any other city in the UK.

Our prices are designed to be affordable for most types of Glasgow businesses. All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 01413780881 to speak to me. We can have a chat about your business goals and -after some quick expert analysis- offer our thoughts on SEO strategies and costs.

Always remember that SEO is not a cost but an investment in your business.

A big part of SEO whether it’s in Glasgow or anywhere else for the matter occurs in the form of research, followed by planning, implementing and reviewing/readjusting.

Researching your website, your business, your competitors, your market, your target keywords and so on so forth. Only once we have all this information can we begin to plan and execute a winning strategy.

It’s not just a case of writing as much as possible on your website (although that can help) or posting links to your website in crappy directories and crossing your fingers. Even if by some miracle you get somewhere good it won’t take long before a competitor knocks you back down or google slaps you with a penalty making your site in most cases effectively worthless. Those that take a strategic long term approach to SEO will see the best results.

This takes us to planning. The desire to rank well in your market for your product or service is understandable but without a well thought out plan your money and effort will be in vain. The plan has to take into account all the data gathered by research and be a roadmap to your internet success in the form of all the potential improvements that can be made and their potential impact on your SEO ranking.

Implementation of this plan over weeks, months or in some cases years to not only reach but solidify your gains so someone else doesn’t take them requires a lot of skill and care. If done wrongly you could damage your long term ranking never mind improve them.

Finally reviewing and readjusting your SEO campaign constantly to maximise your bottom line and protecting it is always- as most would agree- a worthwhile task.

There are literally thousands of questions people ask us about SEO day in day out. We thought we’d put a small FAQ up to take care of the most common questions.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of building, refining and improving your website so people are more likely to find it through a search engine (google) search.
This form of marketing has the power to transform small businesses into big ones in very short periods of times as the world relies on search engine searches to look for products and services meaning that whoever ranks highest gets the best access to this warm market to sell its products and services to.

Which search engine is the most useful to market on?

Google by far and away leads the pack with more than 90% of all search engine queries on mobile devices being done through google so this is the one most people focus on. There are an estimated 3.5 billion searches carried out on google daily. This is too big a market for any business to ignore.

Can anyone guarantee a page 1 ranking?

Only a moron or fraudster would guarantee a page 1 ranking. SEO has so many components and variables (just like the real word) that it is impossible to guarantee you can rank for your niche in your given budget. Now don’t get me wrong any good SEO should be able to do some research and may feel confident in their skills that a page 1 ranking is highly likely, but no way could they bet the house on it. Our advice is to turn around and run from such people.

How much should I pay for this service?

A common question. I can’t tell you that without speaking to you and finding out what you want to accomplish. Are you looking for local, regional or national dominance? What industry are you in? What’s the competition like? Etc. Each aspect of these questions will affect the manpower required to get to your goal and hence the end cost. Fixed price SEO is usually going to work out more expensive in the long run as no prior research has taken place so your either over or under paying. Over pay and well you overpay! Underpay and you’ll never reach your goal. That’s why it’s better to talk to your prospective provider of SEO directly to ensure you get a quote that’s the best value for money.

Is SEO worth the investment?

The value of a SEO is known worldwide without a doubt. It can make or break businesses. If you have any sort of marketing budget, then you should explore this avenue first.
Also, now I know I’m biased but speaking sincerely it all depends on what your trying to accomplish. In the end it also depends on your risk tolerance. If your struggling to pay your bills in a competitive environment, then it may be better to spend your money on other marketing strategies or simply hold onto your money to ensure you can survive cash flow problems. This may be the best choice for a person with a young family but maybe a young single professional may feel they can live on a smaller budget so that they win out in the long run.
I can give examples like this all-day long. In the end nothing ventured nothing gained. Your choice.

What is a ranking factor?

A ranking factor is the criteria a search engine looks at to decide where a web page should sit in its index or list of results when people search for a specific product or service. There are an estimated 200 + ranking factors on google some which can be easily satisfied and some which require a lot more effort.

What kinds of ranking factors are there?

No one knows exactly how many ranking factors search engines use to determine a websites popularity. Ranking factors which are known are content length and quality onsite, the number of visitors to a site, bounce rate, number and quality of backlinks, technical aspects of website such as page load speed, keywords present on the site and much more.

What is local search?

The process of finding local products or services can be broadly defined as local search.
Gone are the days where you could sit in a store and people would just walk in and part with their money. Small businesses, say builders, window cleaners or lawyers, need to be found to get any work. Conversely if your based in Glasgow city centre then you sure as hell don’t want to be found in central London google listings- you want to be found in Glasgow.
In this day and age when people don’t already have a connection with an existing firm they will search for the service on google and select the firm they feel most comfortable with. A high google ranking is also a sign of confidence as it suggests the business is trustworthy and established.
This in our experience seems to also allow a business to charge a little bit more than if they were to market through other platforms be it social media or local listings sites.

What is blackhat and white hat SEO?

Blackhat SEO is the process of optimising your site in a fashion which goes against Google’s SEO guidelines. It normally involves spam like tactics with lots of unnatural looking links pointing towards your site (more on this later) or computer-generated content or stuffing in the keyword you want to rank for too many times etc. If blackhat SEO is done aggressively then it almost always leads to your site being dropped by google completely as google loses trust in your site. This is commonly referred to as a penalty.
Whitehat SEO is the opposite of blackhat SEO. Here content is researched, and hand written by someone. Links are obtained through natural means and most of the principles adhered to don’t contravene Google’s SEO Guidelines.
There’s also grey hat SEO which involves a mixture of the two.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is basically a link on someone else’s site to your site. The more links you have the more likely you are to appear high in search results. The devil is in the detail however as there are different types of backlinks and not all links have the same value. In fact, some links can be bad for your site. This is where you need someone who knows what they are doing.

Can I do SEO myself?

Of course, you can!
Like you can fix your own boiler or car to an extent. What I mean to say is basic SEO is something anyone can do but SEO is a competitive industry and it’s a very bad idea to start competing with big names and brands with experienced SEO experts in competing niches and expect you’ll outperform them permanently. You won’t. They will wipe the floor with you as they will be streets ahead of you in knowhow and will able to pre empt everything you do.
Also if you make a mistake in SEO the results can range from lost time and money to catastrophic damage to your brand visibility.
Again I admit I’m biased but time and time again I’ve seen people underestimate their competition and waste time and money and lose all sorts of opportunity because they thought they could diy it.
Now please don’t think grab the first SEO Company you can find and hand over your money to them. No. Do your research and have a chat with different SEO experts who have managed to get rankings in all sorts of niches and go for one you feel comfortable with. That’s my advice.

Can I just pay google to be at the top of the results?

Yes this is known as Pay Per Click or PPC for short. In this model you pay google a price depending on the number of impressions your site gets or the number of clicks.
This method can work quite well and may yield a decent return on investment ROI. However, google uses an auction system to decide who will appear at the top each time someone clicks. This means that those with deeper pockets have an advantage which can strangle the ability of their competitor to appear on the first page. Apparently only 3.4% of searchers click on PPC ads. This means that even if you run a PPC campaign to be at the top you may not be getting access to all the searchers out there. One study estimates that SEO has 20 x more traffic opportunity than PPC or mobile and desktop browsers.

How much content should I have per page?

This is a hard one. Some people seem to rank with barely any content at all whereas some publish a small book. In our experience a bare minimum of 500 words is enough to get you going but according to one piece of research the average top ranking google page has 1890 words! That’s quite substantial!

What about advertising on Facebook?

It is estimated that Facebook provides around 60% of all social media traffic to websites but social media traffic itself is not as big as search engine traffic. It is estimated that websites only get 6% of their traffic from Facebook. So social media marketing for your website is important but not the end all and be all.

Here at Way Up SEO we like motivational quotes a lot.

To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger:

While you're out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that.”

This quote more than anything exemplifies why you need a hard working, knowledgeable and experienced SEO fighting all the other SEO’s out there in your corner. We believe desire and will to succeed is everything. Call on 01413780881