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Backlinks – An Important Link In SEO For Glasgow Businesses

Backlinks – An important link in SEO for Glasgow businesses

When you have a website that you are trying to earn a high placement on google for you will usually start by improving your website

When you have a website that you are trying to earn a high placement on google for you will usually start by improving your website so it is liked by search engines more.

You can increase the amount of content in your site. Make sure you’re permanlinks and headers etc are properly optimised. That the site loads quickly and that they are no internal error in the site. So on so forth…

Now for low competition keywords and markets a good SEO optimised site may rank on page 1 alone just with the on site improvements.

However if your field is even slightly more competitive than that then a nice SEO optimised website is not enough.

You may have heard of SEO people in Glasgow talking about backlinks.

This is the missed link between languishing in page 2 and being one page 1.

I have wrote this article to give you a basic idea of what backlinks are and what is involved in getting backlinks.

So a backlink is essentially a link to your site from a different website.

So I have a website number 1 which I want to rank well. It just so happens website 2 sees what my websites about and likes it and links to it saying go to website 1 for more information on whatever website 1 is taking about.

And there you have a backlink.

If you think about it the more websites that have a link to your site the more popular your site is likely to be.

Search engines will see how many links there are going to your site and say “hey! This site looks very popular. It should be closer to the top of the search results”.

So it sounds easy. Get some backlinks and that’s you sorted!

Just kidding!

That was the case many years ago where you could get links to your site through any means possible and hit the first page.

The problem was that there were people on the first of google for certain search terms that shouldn’t have been on the first page as their site was not relevant to the search topic that people were looking for.

This was a bad user experience. This was something google could not afford to ignore so they then changed their algorithm multiple times to punish people playing the system and reward those doing SEO properly.

As a result links are still important but how they are obtained and what kinds of links you have are more important.

So if your website is about dog grooming but your getting links from sites to do with pornography then these links won’t hold as much value as a link form another pet grooming website.

Also their are 2 types of backlinks. Do-follow and no-follow. Do-follow links pass valuable link juice to your site whereas no-follow links do not.

Here’s another problem.

A website with just do-follow links and no no-follow links is more likely to be penalised by google as its link profile will be unnatural.

Link profile is a term used to describe the overall details of your links and their related aspects.

Normally when you get links they should be a mix of do-follow and no-follow not just one type.

So you have another headache where if you try to actively build or obtain links you are risking a penalty for your site.

You need to have the right types of links & the right link profile.

This is not easy.

On top of that it’s very hard to get the right kinds of links.

In my experience building links can be an extremely difficult task as you look around for backlink opportunities that aren’t a scam.

It’s not a thing for lay persons to do. No matter how much you read online about obtaining links without practical experience building links to sites you are likely to end up nowhere or worse in trouble.

There are people who have stupidly bought packages of 1000 links to their site (usually from outsourcing websites) thinking its going to propel their website upwards.

What actually happens is a 1000 low quality irrelevant sites with hundred of links to other sites on them already link to your site.

This basically sets alarm bells ringing for googles bots (bots are bits of software that google use to scan the internet) who then in most cases overwhelmingly decide to remove or lower your website listing as its deemed less trustworthy.

Fixing a mistake like this can cost a lot of time and money.

This is just one example of bad link building.

There are many more.

A good SEO can evaluate your existing backlink profile (if you have one) and find and remove and bad links or the impact of bad links.

They can also look for good opportunities for building fresh quality backlinks to your website through a variety of methods.

They can evaluate the quantity and quality of links that you will require to rank for your given search terms by judging the level of competition.

The ways you can obtain links are usually broken up into 3 categories whitehat, greyhat & blackhat link building.

White hat link building usually involves obtaining links in a natural fashion. One example would be by sharing useful information with other website owners who may or may not link to your site as a result.

This style of link building is the one that’s least likely to get you in trouble. This is the preferred method through which search engines would like websites to get backlinks.

Blackhat link building involves getting links by any means possible regardless of whether search engines like them.

For example paying another website owner for a backlink (or several). Most search engines don’t like people getting links through blackhat strategies.

Greyhat Link building falls in between the 2 with elements of both categories.

We have experience in all sorts of link building strategies that are usually regarded as safe and effective. We also know the risky ones to avoid.

As an SEO company in Glasgow we specialise in link building using a mixture of methods that are tried and tested in the industry.

We have used our ability to generate all kinds of back-linking campaigns to skyrocket our customers to a higher search engine ranking.

Backlink building is a time intensive process where your scanning the internet for backlink opportunities, devising ways to get backlinks through manual outreach tactics and repeating the procedures many times until the desired results are obtained.

If you would like help on this or any aspect of your SEO in Glasgow then call me on 01413780881