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Content Marketing Glasgow

Content Marketing Glasgow

“Content is king” – Bill Gates

If you haven’t heard this phrase before then hear it now. Whether your marketing your business via SEO or on Facebook in Glasgow your content generation and marketing has to be top notch for you to succeed.

By content I am referring to all manners of information you provide to your prospective customers. This is not just text but also graphics and video content.

When it comes to text from an SEO perspective the text must make sense and be readable & contain the correct keywords in the right quantities taking into account not just the frequency of how much a keyword is mentioned but it’s proximity to other keywords and prominence in the articles you write. Mess this up and it will cost you.

MOST importantly it must be ENGAGING. People must want to read it. You need to get and hold your potential customers attention. Your articles should be long enough to be an interesting read but short enough to get your point across quickly. This is not easy. People try their best to write material only to fail in at least one of the above categories.

Pictures! A picture speaks a thousand words. The correct picture can go viral giving you instant fame and recognition and a massive social media or SEO boost. Sadly this scenario is not as common as one would like.

Content Marketing Glasgow
Way Up SEO Infographic

However a house is built a brick at a time. What I mean to say is that a collection of carefully curated graphics & custom designed graphics can still help massively with your marketing even if they don’t go viral. Infographics have become really popular recently where you design a graphic that showcases your desired information in a simple yet brilliant manner.

You need graphics more than you think. To break up chunks of text. Communicate information simply and quickly. Delight and engage your audience. So on so forth.

Now It may be of interest to you to know that video is estimated to be 69% of all internet traffic in the future and marketing experts report a higher client conversion rate of upto 70% when using video as the means of communicating with the prospect.

So video marketing is definitely something you should try in your efforts to get customers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stand in front of a camera to sell your wares. I can almost imagine many sheepish or petrified looking business owners in front of a camera wanting desperately to be somewhere else.

No. It can be a nice little animated video introducing your business or a musical slideshow showcasing your work. The possibilities are endless.

The last point I should mention that content strategy is seriously underestimated in importance by many people. The who?, what?, why?, where?, when? and how? of content strategy can define how successful your efforts are going to be from day 1. The right content at the right time in the right place in front of the right audience is key.

It is often said by us marketers that content marketing is probably one of the most difficult parts of our jobs as it can be difficult and time consuming doing such tasks effectively but we all do it with diligence (some more than others I should say) as we know how vital it is to winning in today’s competitive markets.

As a fully service digital agency in Glasgow we can help you draft interesting articles to catch and maintain your customers attention. We can also custom create all manners of graphics and videos for you in house at great prices. You get all the the expertise under 1 roof from a local business.

Call me on 01413780881 or drop me an email on to have a chat about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.