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Digital Marketing Agency Glasgow

Digital Marketing Glasgow

Here at Way Up SEO Glasgow we run practical and high ROI generating digital marketing campaigns covering Glasgow to anywhere in the UK.

In this guide I’m going to cover what digital marketing is, it’s benefits, the different types of digital marketing strategies and their suitability for businesses, the difference between pros and amateurs and much more.

I must be honest what I’m about to share with you barely scratches the surface of what’s involved in digital marketing but I’m sharing this information to at least give you some sort of idea of what’s involved in digital marketing. That’s whether you’re in Glasgow or anywhere in the world for that matter.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing covers basically all the marketing channels than can be employed online to bring customers to your website or social media accounts .

The methods and techniques involved in each type of strategy vary and so does the suitability of each method.

The most popular and serious marketing channels include appearing high on google search results or promoting your business on Facebook or other social media platforms through organic outreach or paid ads.

Also, more advanced techniques such as content marketing through creating and sharing videos and graphics of your products and services.

Also email marketing is quite popular using broad target markets or specific groups of people in a market or geographical niche.

So, there is a lot of options out there and not all of them work for every business.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?


Or to be more specific:

  • Digital marketing increases your brand awareness which in turn increases your word of mouth referrals.
  • Digital marketing makes it as easy as possible for customers to find you online. For example through a google search for a product or local service and then buy direct from you.
  • Digital marketing is very measurable, you can know exactly how many people have seen your ad or website and you can use this information to run a more laser targeted campaign as you refine your marketing efforts over time.
  • This means a higher ROI than virtually all offline marketing campaigns. For example canvassing, flyer distribution, radio and tv advertising simply can’t give you that kind of data in most cases.
  • The tiny chance your digital marketing campaign goes viral. Now it’s not possible to do viral on demand but there are tactics that can be deployed to make the odds as high as possible.
  • At the end of the day digital marketing is usually one of the best investments a business can make as its ROI is usually the highest out of virtually all other strategies.

There are a lot of companies offering digital marketing services in Glasgow.

Some have big teams with marketing degree graduates some are 1 man bands who can’t possible have a breadth of experience which covers all aspects of digital marketing.

Here at Way Up SEO Glasgow we’re a small team which brings you the best of both worlds.

You don’t pay through the nose for our help as we’ve not got massive payroll and at the same time with more than one expert with a breadth of experience you get the expertise you’re looking for.

A Broad Overview Of Digital Marketing We Can Do For You In Glasgow


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is how a lot of service and product businesses generate their leads.

It might interest you to know according to research 93% of people when searching for a product or service will type it into a search engine (usually google) to look for relevant websites first.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a high
ranking placement on google will bring a steady stream of customers to your website and who in turn will buy from you.

The process of SEO is not as easy as you would think. SEO is one of the most competitive digital marketing tactics out there as everyone is vying for customers and as a result the technical knowhow and experience required to do it properly has gone up with time.

Digital Marketing Glasgow

There are thousands of people out there who claim to be SEO experts. The truth is very few of them will be the real deal.

There is no recognised qualification in this industry and even if the person has worked for a large SEO agency in the past that is still not a guarantee that they can rank well as they may have only specialised in one aspect of SEO or spent more time making fancy reports than actually getting results.

The quickest way to separate the wheat from the chaff (good from the bad) is to ask to see case studies of companies they’ve done work for that have ranked well.

Also, to see if they’re own website is ranking for any keywords and if not the reason for that. Some keywords can be so competitive that it’s a like a yo-yo between the top 10 results and top 20 results.

I like to say SEO has 3 broad components that work in tandem.

Research, development & Implementation.

Research covers all the information that we need to gather about the task at hand itself.

Your market(s) that your targeting, your strongest and weakest local, regional and national/international competitors, your keywords that have the greatest volume and keywords that have lower volume but may have stronger buyer intent or may be particularly lucrative.

There are other things amongst these but I’m trying to give you a flavour of what’s involved as opposed to drown you in detail.

Development is where the research is used to develop a proper strategy to get where you want to be. This is where we use our knowledge and experience to work out where the low hanging fruit is and where we need to work harder and how we’re going to do that.

Implementation is obviously when we actually do the work.

This a combination of improvements to the site and its presence on the internet. There are hundreds of such improvements and each one done wrong can actually harm your websites ranking if done incorrectly.

Also SEO is not a one off investment where you blast some cash and effort at it and that’s it.

The work has to be drip fed.


To give an example Google is one of the worlds most valuable internet companies out there. There software scours the internet looking for good websites & ones that should be avoided.

One thing they do not like is anyone who tries to take advantage of their software to rank without providing value to its users.

What I mean is that you will usually raise a red flag if you do too much too soon making them mistrust you as they think your trying to play their system and they could penalise your site or drop it further down the rankings.

Almost every client wants to be on page 1 instantly.

In some cases we get lucky and page 1 happens fast. In other it takes time. A lot of time.

In the industry a lot of clients switch SEO experts every 2 months thinking they don’t know what they are doing when in fact everything is going as planned and real ranking improvements are occurring, but the client doesn’t have the money or patience to see it through to the finishing line.

If you’re going to get SEO for your business, then bear in mind it’s a medium to long term strategy taking 6 months plus in many cases.

That’s not me saying it. Any decent SEO will attest to that.

Is SEO worth it?

Depends like everything else. You can only decide that once you’ve sat with an experienced digital marketer (like me 🙂 hint, hint) and seen what the costs are and ROI likely to be. Then you can decide.

Some digital marketing companies will sell! sell! sell! you regardless of whether it’s worth your while or not.

We don’t do that.

However if I can genuinely see a benefit then I will do my best to convince you of its merits.


Pay Per Click is Google’s paid platform for allowing users to find you in the search results.

You basically pay google to show up in search results near the top when people type in certain phrases. You can pay either per click or 1000 impressions depending on what keywords your targeting.

This is not as simple as it sounds as basically an auction is carried out each time someone types in your target keyword into google.

Whoever is willing to pay the highest amount per click and has the highest daily allocated budget will show up more.

That doesn’t mean you won’t show up. It just means you may show up less unless you battle it out on cost with your competition.

This may sound terrifying expensive to a business with no prior knowledge of PPC marketing but PPC is actually a very effective way to market online provided you do it correctly and keep an eye on your campaign to make sure you don’t burn through your money needlessly.

Pay Per Click Glasgow

Configuring your PPC campaign correctly to target the right phrase and words, avoiding other words which may be similar but not profitable, modifying your bid amounts and your daily budget as well keeping an eye on competitors are all some factors which need to be considered when setting up and running a PPC campaign.

We’ve set up many PPC campaigns over the years and can help you run yours at reasonable prices which in most cases for our clients is usually more than paid for by the savings they make with us leading their PPC campaign for them.


SMM stands for social media marketing.

This covers promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linked in and so on so forth.

The leader of the pack of course is Facebook with an estimated 2 BILLION + users.

This is a market that no one can choose to ignore.

SMM has historically been more business to consumer focussed but over time even business to business marketing seems to be picking up steam on social media especially on LinkedIn.

Now you and I will most likely already have at least one social media account (probably Facebook).

Social media by its very nature is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use.

After all if it’s hard to use then people won’t use it!

Its very easy to setup a Facebook or twitter page for your business. It’s also straightforward to share your page with friends and family.

However when it comes to generating real paying customers on social media the easy stuff stops right there.

In this day and age with the sheer quantity of businesses competing to get customers online it’s a thousand times harder to get attention as compared to even 5 years ago.

The market online here is quite saturated and when thousands of companies are constantly saying “buy this” “buy this” to people looking on their Facebook page they will notice that their engagement will drop like a stone.

You can’t spam Facebook or any other platform any way you like and think they’ll let you get away with it.

They depend on people to continue using their platform for their platform to be valuable.

If your constantly pounding them with “Buy!” “Buy!” message they’ll soon say bye bye to the platform.

The social media giants can’t afford that. What they want is businesses who generate and share interesting and valuable content with users.

So I hope you understand that whether your trying to grow organically on social media or whether your using paid ads you’re going to have to be a lot smarter using a soft selling approach in some cases and a hard selling approach in others to get your brand out there and get some sales.

The interesting part about SMM is your ability to target people by geography, gender, race, interests and so many other factors.

This means when running an ad campaign you can really go after the people that you think are most likely to buy from you.

This feature alone makes SMM something worth doing as very few marketing channels are this laser focussed.

So SMM for a business is a combination of increasing engagement and brand awareness and selling to new prospects and converting existing ones.

There’s a lot to it.

So much so that I have not even mentioned all different techniques and methods to use when trying to win on SMM.

If you go down the wrong route with organic outreach on social media you’ll burn precious time and effort and have nothing to show for it.

If you go down the wrong route with paid outreach on Social media you’ll burn precious cash, time and effort and have little to show for it.

You really need to think what your aiming for through to have a chance at success.

We can run detailed research and analysis on social media strategies most suitable for your business. We can then implement these strategies to get your likes & shares up and more importantly the sales up.

Email Marketing

Broadly speaking there are two strategies to email marketing.

One is sending out mass emails to a list of cold prospects who are not expecting your email.

The other is emailing people who may have subscribed to a newsletter or whom you have a pre-existing business relationship with.

Obviously, the latter category tends to have a higher conversion rate.

That doesn’t mean that mass emails to cold prospects doesn’t work. Oh no.

If done correctly you can get some return on investment been with this method.

The first aspect of enacting an email marketing campaign is to get the email address of people organisations you are targeting of course.

Once you’ve got the list you need to use the correct platform to send out your mass emails.

In this marketing niche the most famous platform for sending mass emails is most likely MailChimp. There are however several others with different functionalities.

Once you’ve got your platform and prospects list then it’s a case of configuring your marketing campaign in the right way and writing and sending copy that will make it likely that people will not only click on your email but read it and respond. Not to mention avoiding having your email ending up in the spam folder.

Getting recipients to click, read and respond is the main battle in email marketing.

There are all sorts of tips and techniques used to achieve these 3 goals.

It’s not an easy task but with time as you get smarter at it your conversion rate and ROI will increase making this marketing strategy more effective.

There are many ways to do this. You may already have a list of people from previous interactions with clients already.

We also know about some other strategies used to get this information and we even help clients obtain this information at very little cost using advanced methods and software to find such email addresses in whatever geographical or market niche you’re looking for.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is big buzz word amongst digital marketers these days.

It’s more of an approach based on creating and sharing valuable or interesting information in the form of articles, graphics and videos to make people engage with your business.

You see people who are genuinely interested in your business usually want as much information as possible.

Content marketing helps you get that information to them.

Content Marketing Glasgow

You see virtually all digital marketing strategies require some degree of content to be shared in order for consumers to feel comfortable in buying from you.

Few people buy from people who don’t answer all their questions properly.

Content marketing’s aim is to share the correct information in a format which is engaging to the end user and makes them more likely to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Researching and writing informative articles, creating funny pictures or infographics and even making animated or normal videos can all fall under this category.

Quite often the hardest part of digital marketing is generating the content required to give the campaign the power it needs to convert the customer.

This is where come in. We have helped businesses create, curate, customise and share all sorts of text, graphic or video content to promote their business over the years and can help you do the same.

Professionals vs amateurs
Now its no secret I’m going to say a pro is always going to be better than an amateur. The only reason people DIY it is to save money. The problem is they’ll more than half the times lose their shirt and say digital marketing on Google or Facebook doesn’t work when in truth it works very well just not when they do it.

A lot of people think all we do is peck away at a keyboard all day long but I promise there’s a lot more to it than that. Digital marketing has become such a broad and competitive field that we use innumerable complicated and advanced software platforms to run campaigns. These software platforms cost a lot of money but we use them not because we like to waste money but because we know that all the data in the world at your fingertips in a timely manner can be the difference between winning and losing.

Lastly I can’t even begin to think you will do your own SEO for example and beat all the professionals out there who do digital marketing like SEO for a living. To put it bluntly they will 99.99% of the time outperform you just through time spent working online and their superior knowhow and experience which you can’t overcome in one go.

I really don’t mean to sound condescending, but I’ve seen so many people lose online because they underestimated it.

A Digital Marketing Partner

Why us? (By us I mean us 2)

  • We really know what we are doing and talk in a nonsense fashion. We will show you in our conversations the results we have already obtained in digital marketing in Glasgow and throughout the UK for our existing customers.
  • Our prices are nowhere near agency prices and we offer a similar or superior standard of service.
  • I should add that you do get what you pay for so please don’t be looking for us to work for peanuts (for very little money) as that is not only a disservice to us but you as well as you simply won’t be able achieve your desired outcomes at all.
  • We don’t outsource our work. If you give us the work then it will be us that do it. A lot of companies out there simply sell and field phone calls all day whilst someone else does the donkey work. That person isn’t usually as motivated to deliver results as it’s not their name on the line.

One last thing.

Digital marketing sounds very “sexy” to a lot of business owners who basically start drooling thinking about all the money they can get by marketing online.

Well the truth is it’s very boring, monotonous and repetitive work where if you’ve not got a passion for it (like us) then you can quickly become discouraged and give up.

Staring at a computer screen for hours on end and thinking of so many complicated marketing plans and tactics whilst trying to process and retain the information your looking at is not easy on the mind or eyes and is not for the faint of heart.

We’ve been doing it long enough to know how to do it effectively and cost effectively.

This is a big reason also to consider outsourcing your digital marketing whether your in Glasgow or anywhere in the UK.

I hope that you found the information in this article useful. If you have any queries email me on Or

Call Me On 01413780881 And Let’s See What We Can Do For You