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Facebook Page vs Having a Website

A lot of small business owners only use their Facebook page to market online. Their reasoning usually stems from the basic advantages in having a Facebook page. These advantage are numerous First of all it’s free to make a facebook page whereas a website has an initial cost associated with it.

Secondly Facebook by its nature is very easy to use and it is easy to setup a basic business Facebook page. Websites can be as easy as drag and drop platforms which anyone can use to make a website or websites can be made using pure code. Depending on how you go about it their can be a greater time and effort investment in launching a website.

It’s also very easy to share it with friends and potential customers meaning you can instantly market organically to your potential audience.

Their are in built paid marketing features in Facebook allowing you to increase your reach through social media advertising.

So who needs a website?

If only it were so simple.

At the end of the day you are bound to facebooks terms of service and must abide by their rules. If you do not you may have your account suspended or banned.

Also Facebook is a commercial company and they can change the rules at any time to suit them. Just because you may have some success right now doesn’t mean you will continue to do so.

A website however has a higher technical requirement in setting up and running but gives you complete control over your digital marketing efforts.

This means that you can do as you wish and experiment with different marketing strategies until you find one that works. You can’t do as you wish on a social media platform as you need to follow the guidelines they give you.

Remember a website belongs to you whereas a Facebook page belongs to Facebook-not you. You can also promote your website through a variety of channels including social media, SEO, PPC & so on so forth.

With regards to your online future a website is a permanent asset whereas social media platforms and tastes can change.

A website gives you the ability to market through all possible channels and gives you the greatest odds of success in the long term.

Your website should be the central point of all your marketing efforts.

Be it social media or search engine optimisation.

I should say that their is no competition between having a website or a Facebook page in my opinion.
Have both.

A website and social media page both working full time in their own way is the best way to promote your business online by not relying on any single marketing channel.

You don’t want to rely on only one marketing channel. You want a variety so if something happens to one you have a backup.

Also link them up so your website can help your social media presence and your social media presence can help your website.

The strategy of combining search and social marketing is the best way to future proof your business.

I had a friend who used to boast about all the awesome leads he was getting from Facebook and how easy it was and how SEO was too slow to get results.

He is no longer running ads on Facebook as the competition in his niche has increased so much and the fact that users are being pounded with services and products in Facebook left, right and centre meaning that his reach to his followers has naturally decreased.

Remember those who have found your website through a google search are looking for your kind of business with a higher buyer intent.

Those that you market to on Facebook are not. Most of the times they are indifferent or annoyed at seeing your posts or ads. Only a small number are usually receptive to your posts on Facebook.

I’ve also seen a website built only on SEO lose its rankings and struggle to get back up to where it was.

So you have to be smart and diversify into all marketing strategies.

Be it facebook marketing or SEO marketing if you need help with your digital marketing in Glasgow then feel free to give us a call on 01413780881.