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How To Write Content For Your Website

How to write content for your website.

Content. Content. Content.

If you’ve spoken to any SEO worth their salt they would have at some point or another mentioned content writing to you.

Well in this article I will attempt to give you a brief overview of all the important aspects of writing SEO friendly content and what to do and what not to do.

It’s frustrating when writing content at times because quite often you may feel that you’ve already explained everything that needs to be explained. No need to waffle on when nobodies interested you may think.

Keep it short and simple right?

Not really to be honest.

Many people seem to think that if your not straight to the point then people will lose interest and move on. That honestly doesn’t seem to be the case.

Most top ranking websites have well over 1000 words of content per page. In fact over 1800 on average.

It seems that people actually want as much information as possible before they go ahead and make a purchasing decision or take action.

Longer, more well written, articles not only give search engines more to work with when their deciding on where to place you in the search engine rankings but also ,if written well enough, actually help the user achieve their goal in google searching that much faster as all their questions get answered in one place. This means your websites bounce rate is lower and google also gets that signal that your website is supposed to be where it is in the search results (or higher).

A longer article also gives the reader the feeling they’ve just talked to an expert and increases your authority in their eyes which means your credibility as a supplier of goods or services in their eyes goes up. That obviously means your chances of getting them to buy from you goes up as well.

The next problem people grapple with is what to write about for so long or how do I keep the user engaged and so on so forth.

Well that’s where you need to put in the work I’m afraid or pay a decent content writer to do so.

I will warn you that it’s very hard to find a decent content writer that can write as passionately and knowledgeably about your product or service as you.

This is why I usually ask my website owner to focus on writing the bulk of the content.

I actually tell them forget about SEO when their writing their article and just focus on providing as much value to their prospective customer as possible.

Write for people not search engines.

They leave the SEO bit of the content writing to me. I can help in making sure that as their writing for people that the search engines also understand what’s going on.

With regards to the SEO aspect of the content there are many things that need to be considered.

Firstly the keywords to focus on in the article and how to best “naturally” inset them in the article.

Also keyword prominence, proximity and density.

Keyword prominence is really easy. Imagine the heading of the article being larger than the rest of the article. That would make sense wouldn’t it? Also it would most likely tell a search engine what the article is about in most cases.

Keyword proximity is useful in that if certain keywords are closer together the importance of their relationship. Think “freelance SEO in Glasgow”. Here the SEO bit and Glasgow bit are obviously related.

Keyword density is the one people get overtly anxious about. Thats basically how many times your target keywords, that you want your article to show up in a google search for, are mentioned in the article. Most people think the more the keyword is mentioned the more the search engine will know that the article is relevant to that specific keyword search.

The problem is google has become wise to this train of thought and now actually penalises articles that have too high a keyword density otherwise known as keyword stuffing.

The usually number that’s thrown around in SEO circles is 1-3% of the words in your article should be your keywords. So in a 500 word article 5-15 words.

Not a lot to be honest but more than enough in most cases for google to know what your talking about.

Another thing to have in mind is internal linking.

Imagine your website is like a maze with lots of doors connecting everything in the maze. So google has to go through multiple doors to find out about everything that’s in this maze.

Now if you publish an article on your site but don’t link other articles or pages in your website to it then Google’s going to have a hard time finding it and an even harder time finding out if that page is important or not. Sure it may be in your recent blog posts or under the services section but internal links from other relevant sections in other pages in your website also help visitors get more of their questions answered and hence their desire to do business with you and they help google understand the significance of what you’ve written better.

So when publishing an article it’s useful to review what other articles are present in your site that you can link to the new article in a relevant sensible manner.

Other things to mention would be remembering to update your articles regularly. Sometime just amending your existing article and mentioning that the content has been updated for the current year can boost it up the search rankings.

Sometimes you don’t need to publish a new article as much as update an older one.

If you are doing the on site SEO yourself then if using Wordpress you might want to use a popular Wordpress plugin like yoast or all in 1 SEO to help optimise your content pages to be as SEO friendly as possible. Your meta description (which is the little bit that people see in the search results before clicking on your site) can be amended with these plugins easily.

Lastly spelling, grammar, a proper thought out structure to your article (like introduction, body, conclusion and recap) all need to be though of before, during and after writing your article.

I hope the above list has been helpful. If you do need help with content writing strategy and SEO services then feel free to call me on 01413780881.