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Pay Per Click

PPC Agency Glasgow

Pay Per Click (PPC) is Google’s paid platform which allows companies to reach potential customers based on what the customers are searching for.

This is a massively competitive and lucrative marketing strategy. Combined with SEO you can power virtually all your new sales through google search results.

The key to minimising the competitive risk and maximising profit is looking not at clicks but conversions.

This is where customers actually do the action that you want. For example purchase a product or fill in and submit a contact form.


PPC Agency Glasgow

Their are lots of free guides to ppc management online. The sad fact is that most of these guides will get you going and started with your ppc campaign but will generate little or no revenue or sometimes result in a loss.

The reason for this is that their are competitive forces that many ppc campaign managers fail to account for in their strategy.

Keyword research is one factor which influences ppc marketing success. Knowing which keywords to target and which to avoid and which to not bother with is vital to success.

This is the number one reason PPC campaigns struggle. Keywords with huge competition may not be as profitable to target for smaller businesses whereas longer keywords may be more worthwhile with less competition.

Also you would be amazed how many ppc campaigns end up showing for keywords that have no relation to their business such as a “removal company Glasgow” showing up for “waste removal Glasgow”!

Another factor is content writing or better ad writing.

Writing the right ad means google will rank it higher in their internal algorithms and that it will be more likely to show up in most results. Also the right copy means searchers will find your advertisement engaging enough to click on your website link.

Also once they’ve clicked on the link the landing page that they come to has to be properly optimised and well written to convert the client into doing the action your looking for.

Constantly monitoring your keywords, competitors, your ad spend and market conditions is vital for success.

Asking customers to call you on Google AdWords at midnight for an emergency home repair service when you are closed at night isn’t the best use of your money. As once they’ve clicked on you and realised your closed they’ll go back and try someone else who is open.

I could go on and on.

We use all kinds of specialist tools and software to research and monitor your campaign. From keyword volume and completion analysis to google analytics setup and AdWords integration we check all aspects of your marketing strategy.

A/B testing (Split testing) is also useful for determining what types of ads to show along with monitoring exactly which process is best for converting customers to paying customers.

This is when you show different types of ads with different ad copy, calls to action and information to see which types of ads have the most impact and should be shown more often.

Targeting your competitors keywords is another strategy which can be attempted if your competitor is driving a lot of traffic to their site naturally. You can effectively siphon of new customers from your competitors by looking at which keywords they rank well for and execute a ppc campaign targeting their keywords.

AdWords fraud is another thing to watch out for. This is when people click on your ad repeatedly to increase your costs. They usually use automated software called bots which can click on your site, leave, clear their cache memory and change their IP address and click on the ad again.

As bot developers ourselves we have an in depth knowledge of how these bots are created and work. We can help you minimise click fraud and operate in a safe and legal manner online.

Google takes this kind of fraud very seriously as it undermines one of their main revenue streams.

As far as we are aware Google can only track this kind of fraud by looking for unusual behaviour patterns, ip locations and types and use other propertary internal monitoring factors to determine if a click is genuine or not. Despite all this their AdWords fraud detection system cannot be regarded as infallible.

We can monitor for this kind of behaviour and also report this to google with detailed reports to attempt to get your money back.

The above examples are only a fraction of what we have done and seen over the years. We have the experience to make your PPC investments worthwhile.

Call me today on 01413780881 to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to help you run a successful PPC campaign.