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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Glasgow

It is estimated that Facebook have roughly 2 billions active users of which 76% login regularly.

Such a large number of daily eyeballs is a tempting target for many businesses to market their products and services to.

Now just about anyone can make a business Facebook page and share it with their private contacts in an attempt to drive attention to their businesses presence.

However many stop just there.


Social Media Marketing Glasgow

Those that are more motivated can run awareness and call to action campaigns through paid social media advertising.

They can also manually attempt to join many groups and community Facebook pages to get attention from potential clients.

In theory this is all simple stuff but in practise many businesses will struggle to run effective campaigns that bring in much needed revenue.

This is where we come in as experts in social media Marketing Glasgow. We can create engaging content and graphics to bring attention to your brand in a positive manner

This will mean that your Facebook page goes from being a paid nuisance for many people
to an interesting ad on products or services of interest to your target market.

Even Facebook don’t like spammy marketers. Constantly chasing people for leads and money will alienate many potential consumers. Social media marketing in Glasgow or anywhere else for that matter requires an approach with more finesse.

Your Facebook page can become an interesting and informative resource which people can recommend to others. This in itself leads to greater brand value and a better return on investment (ROI) in the long term. This can help future proof your marketing presence on social media.

You can also optimise your Facebook page to appear on google search engine rankings-something we have done a lot of in the past and can generate great profits for those businesses with good social Media reviews and feedback.

There is also the other aspect of social media marketing- targeted advertising.

When running paid campaigns you can target age, sex, geographical area, interests and just about anything else that your feel is your target market.

This means laser targeted advertising -allowing you to get the highest possible return on investment.

So with all these different possibilities and courses of action you may not be sure what’s best to do first.

This is where we can help you as a social media Agency in Glasgow


We can help you with Social Media management for multiple social media platforms on a regular basis. This can include platforms such Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, twitter and so on so forth.

We can also manage and enact paid advertising on social media for you to help generate more awareness and leads.

We can meet you on a regular basis to gather information for content and gain ideas for marketing strategies.

Finally we can help you with expert graphic design to create eye catching posts which make people want to engage with you.

So give us a call on 01413780881 or email us on

to discuss your business social media marketing with us and take the first steps to a more profitable future.