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The prices of SEO companies in Glasgow?

The prices of SEO companies in Glasgow?

” How much is it going to cost? “

Now I have to say this is the one question every prospective clients wants to know virtually as soon as I’ve told them of the feasibility of their proposed project.

The horror stories of companies changing a fortune for SEO and not delivery anything except a few nice looking spreadsheets and maybe a change or 2 to your website are well known.

At the other end of the spectrum I always say don’t kid yourself that you will dominate search engine results for free.

I have one customer who only pays £50 per month.

Why does he pay so little?

It’s because what he does for a living and where he did it meant that I could walk him upto the first page of google no matter how hard his competition tried. He probably only has around 10 or so competitors. None of whom seem to have their heads round SEO.

That customer is now on the first page of google for all 5 towns he markets his service in.

I have another client who pays 5 times that but they have hundreds of competitors looking to dominate search engine results as well do the same services.

Their is no ifs or buts about it. He has to pay more.

It takes hours of competitor research and market research just to start to have an idea of how your going to beat the competition and stay at the top.

Then you have to outwork all the competing players in that market which has to take up more hours.

This is why fixed price SEO is madness as the person doing the SEO hasn’t even weighed in the level of competition.

You’ll either grossly overpay and lose money as it is harder for you to recover the money spent on SEO through the leads that SEO generates for you.

Or you’ll underpay and still lose money with nothing to show for it as the niche becomes uncrackable to the person doing the SEO as they simply can’t spend the time necessary to win in that market.

Every customer that comes to us is taken on a case by case basis. I thoroughly check what they’re looking to do and have a strong idea beforehand of how to achieve the desired result for the person.


Hypothetically if an average man were to face of against an average Bengal tiger who do you think would win in the fight?

The tiger of course! You can say so with 99% certainty.

Now imagine that man has 72 hours notice and has no limitations with regards to how he prepares himself.

So this time it’s him with head to toe body armour and a machine gun vs the tiger.

Who do you think will win?

Of course the tiger doesn’t stand a chance! The moment it leaps up to attack the man just needs to point his weapon in the general vicinity of the tiger and the tigers done for.

This rather childish analogy can be used to explain SEO to a degree.

This is that- to a competent SEO -any market can be cracked open for any client provided they have complete access to the tools to do it and sufficient time.

The focus on pricing can usually mean that you are restricting the very time and tools you need to be the winner in your field as the SEO is restricted by the amount your paying.

Obviously I am keen to get your work so I will usually try to balance the cost and workload requirements to achieve a happy medium. We do understand that most people don’t have limitless cash to spend on marketing.

Guaranteed SEO Service Glasgow

I do also have a guaranteed SEO service which is much more expensive than the standard SEO service. This basically means I go after your market with everything I’ve got until we win. There’s virtually no time restrictions here and I have to really give it all my tools and resources to rank your website .

If I fail you get a 50% refund. There is usually a pre agreed timescale for the desired results to be achieved by or you get your refund.

Remember I don’t own google so theoretically i can’t guarantee a page 1 ranking but when you bring your proposal up-to me I will check it and if I feel confident that we can succeed then and only then would I agree to work under such conditions.

The idea of guaranteed SEO has been around for a while and usually it is to get people to part with their cash by promising to deliver a page 1 result . Well I’m not promising to deliver a page 1 result. What I am promising to deliver is all the knowledge, experience and effort I have -applied to your website- to (hopefully) deliver a page 1 ranking.

So you’ve got your standard service which most people will use and the “guaranteed” service for those who really want to have a go at making their business the market leader online.

The value and power of SEO is no joke. You get a phenomenal source of continuous traffic to your website.

This isn’t like Facebook advertising where you run an advertising campaign and get an initial hit and then your sales start to tail off.

This is a continuous stream of people actively interested in what you are selling.

Now this is an important point to note. The buyer intent for people who come through google to your website as opposed to Facebook is higher as they are actively searching for whatever it is your promoting.

This means they are far more likely to spend money.

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I don’t hard sell people and will do my absolute best to give your SEO goals an honest appraisal.