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Watch Out For Bad SEO Companies

Watch out for bad SEO companies.

I recently had a client who owned a building services company come to me after having used another SEO company.

He paid £200 per month to this company for several months for SEO services but no work had been done.

In fact when I logged into the backend of his website nobody had logged in for months.

Worst was yet to come.

Not only had no on site SEO been done but no off site SEO had been done as well.

We used industry leading software packages and all our experience to look at his backlink profile but nothing came up.

So this chap had paid somewhere in the region of £600-£800 and had no work done.

He had been scammed.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

This industry is not regulated. He has no means of proving that no work has been done as the SEO company can claim that they only did “research”.

The funny fact is that the company he used is actually run by a guy who definitely knows how to do SEO.

The man in question is a famous SEO, consultant, SEO trainer and blogger in this industry.

The funny fact is that even I have had training from this famous SEO trainer.

It is very safe to say he knows what he is doing.

Well when we took the building company owner on he was very sceptical as you can understand.

When I spoke to him I explained everything we were doing, performed all the tasks that I told him I was going to perform, engaged with him and did my best to show him that we were actively trying to rank him for his keywords.

The good news is that he did rank for his keywords within approximately 3 to 4 months.

He was very happy. The funny thing was that his goals weren’t even that hard for us to accomplish. We shot up from page 12 to page one very quickly for multiple valuable keywords. In fact as we speak we are improving the rankings even further and trying to dominate in this market for our client.

Now unfortunately not everybody is this lucky many people get burned and decided to just give up.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep going.

Sorry. I know I sound like a motivational speaker but it’s true.

The difference between the online winner and the online loser is that the winner does not give up. They keep trying until they have either exhausted all opportunities and found success elsewhere or succeeded in their original goal.

The primary dangers in this industry when employing an external company is either having an SEO who knows what he or she is doing but is simply not motivated to do the work or to have an SEO who does not know what they’re doing in the first place but talk a good game.

Talking to the SEO person can only take you so far simply because they are a natural advantage because they have more information about this field of endeavour than you do.

So you really have to look at previous case studies and try them out.

When I say “try them” that doesn’t mean to say to them “rank me in one month or I’m going somewhere else”.

It means make sure they are motivated and keen to do the works and give them time to show what they have actually done with regards to work.

Work done cannot be ignored. The amount of work done never lies and never fails to show some form of improvement.

I believe our company is a company you can trust. Call me on 01413780881 and I’ll do my best to help you reach your online goals.