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Open Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Web Maintenance & Security Glasgow

In this day and age web maintenance and security are very important. Server issues can force your site to go down for a long time and lead to loss of revenue. Hackers are looking for vulnerabilities everywhere including on your website. We specialise in WordPress web site hosting and security.

Having a website which is correctly configured, and setup can help you avoid costly disasters and protect your brand from abuse.

We offer affordable website hosting, monthly backups and a daily website security configuration service protecting your website from malicious hackers and making sure that should anything bad happen that your site can be back up and running without too much trouble. We are available 7 days a week should disaster strike and will work quickly to resolve any problems.

Way Up SEO Glasgow

We know how to configure your website to make sure it loads properly and be fast. The longer a website takes to load the more likely someone is to click back and go somewhere else. This can have terrible consequences for your bottom line as customers abandon your site to look for faster loading sites with quicker results. This increases what is referred to as your bounce rate leading search engines to think your website is not relevant to the searches people are making and this can lead to a drop in your search engine rankings directly affecting your bottom line.

The dangers of having poor web maintenance & security:

Brand Damage – Your name is important. If visitors come to your site only to find it looking like its been hacked, you lose credibility fast. This can also happen if your website crashes.

Fraud – hackers can easily redirect your website to more questionable looking websites resulting in visitors being scammed and your legitimate enterprise being affected.- Loss of search engine rankings- when search engines find out a site has been compromised they automatically drop it from their results as the last thing they want it their users accessing a compromising site. The same can happen to a website which takes too long to load.

Lost Revenue– the longer your site is down the more revenue you lose. Simple. Avoid all these issues by talking to us about our website hosting and maintenance service.

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