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SEO Freelance Glasgow

Freelance SEO Glasgow

As a freelance SEO in Glasgow I provide high quality search engine optimisation for businesses not only in Glasgow but all over Scotland and the UK.

I can help you with creating quality content for your site including articles, graphics and even videos.

I can analyse your competitors to find out their strengths and weaknesses and what we can copy and what we can do better- and what we should avoid.


Freelance SEO Glasgow

I can do advanced keyword and market research to work out what you should target first in Glasgow or wherever you happen to live in Scotland or the UK.

I can take care of all technical aspects of SEO on the back end regardless of complexity and difficulty.

I work with businesses ranging from 1 man bands to 50+ people companies.

In my experience people looking for a freelance SEO in Glasgow are looking for 3 things:

  • Someone local
  • Someone who knows what they’re doing
  • Someone who charges prices that mean you can actually make a net profit on your SEO marketing spend.
  • Not being tied into a contact- I don’t do that here at Way Up SEO Glasgow.

My aim is to meet all three requirements at all times. I am based in Glasgow. I know what I am doing having done SEO for many websites already.

I have worked on websites dealing with real estate, healthcare, dentists, trades based services such as landscaping, pest control and window cleaners. I have worked with fashion retail websites owners and many many more niches.

I quite often do save people a lot of money on their SEO either by doing my job better than the last person or simply by virtue of being a smaller business not having as many overheads so don’t have to charge as much.

One thing I should mention with regards to cost is I can’t promise to be the cheapest but I am sure as hell not the dearest either.

In my experience people who are too cheap either don’t care about you as a client or don’t know what they’re doing or are being outright dishonest in their aim to get you as a customer.

The competitive nature of SEO acts as a barrier to success meaning that some form of spend is necessary for this marketing technique to work.

If it was easy then everybody would do it and if everybody did it then it wouldn’t be so valuable as a marketing method.

Do I guarantee results?

I have in the past and managed to deliver.

I have never promised a page 1 ranking and not delivered.

However I don’t always promise to rank you on page 1 as the amount your willing to spend on SEO and the level of competition in your market both determine the likelihood of success.

Their are market niches out there where the SEO guys competing with each other are veritable “monsters” online. With a whole range of ethical and non ethical tricks up their sleeves.

I have seen websites hacked on purpose to stop them being a threat to competitors.

I have seen negative SEO where your competitors do SEO for your site without your permission in a way which makes you look dodgy to google and results in your site being pushed down the results or removed altogether.

I’ve also seen very good SEO’s who must be getting paid a fortune to run high level SEO campaigns using quality material, tools & techniques. This means I have to work just as if not more harder than them to win.

I’m not arrogant enough to say I’ve seen everything but I’ve seen enough to know what fights are going to be easy and where more money and time will need to be invested to crack open the market for you.

For a free expert freelance SEO analysis of your current marketing give me a call on 01413780881 to have chat about what we can do together.

freelance seo glasgow

It’s a fact of life that you have to spend money to make money.

One promise I can make is that whatever money you spend on SEO with me will be invested in time and effort spent doing real SEO for your site.

I have worked with SEO professionals in the past with with a great looking CV including SEO agency experience only to discover that they can talk a good game but don’t actually know how rank.

They end up spending lots of time making fancy reports and doing all kinds of research but when it comes to ranking they seem to struggle a lot.

Yes I do research and compile reports but that’s not where all my effort is.

My effort is on doing practical SEO on your website in order to get you where you need to be.

How much can I expect to pay for SEO?

That’s a hard one.

Truth be told one reason I can’t tell you on my website is because I don’t want my competitors to know what I charge.

Another more practical reason is that virtually ALL SEO projects I have worked on have been different from one another.

Some customers just needed the equivalent of a light push and they were on the first page.

Others needed me to give up sleeping and eating to give them a fighting chance -what with the hours I had to spend on their project.

Why Glasgow?

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and is a central location in Scotland for the operations of many businesses in the UK.

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has an estimated population of around 600,000 people and if you take into account the people living in Greater Glasgow we’re talking around ~1.2 million people in total.

That’s a huge market of people hungry for products and services from different businesses.

We’ve worked with businesses over the length and breadth of Glasgow from the southside to the west end and everywhere in between.

We understand the local market best. Also we know what needs to be done to be successful in advertising your business in Glasgow.

Call me on 01413780881 to have a straight forward discussion about how best to market your business online.